Billfaster: Simple but Powerful system for tracking and managing your Business accounts

This is a quick and simple solution for an SME to set up,track  and manage their basic business  accounts and produce simple management accounts.The basic service is free online. It provides a free online book-keeper service for tracking incoming revenues and outgoing costs  which captures the bulk of what most small businesses need on an ongoing basis.It does not replace the need for a Financial accountant but addresses the bulk of the management accounting which the business manager needs .

This is a very clever cloud based business application because it focusses on the core financial requirements of most small businesses. Most trditional  business software applications offer a very broad range of functionality.....but the core functionality  accounts for 80% + of the usage and value  ( consider how much of word or excel functionality you actually use ! ). This service focusses on delivering simplicity ,convenience and effectiveness for the 80% requirement rather than trying to provide the full functionality of traditional finacial software packages.....and it does it very well.

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